SIS Precision Manufacturing
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Welding capabilities at SIM
Equipment List - Welding & Brazing
  1. Miller SyncroWave 350 - TIG Welder

  2. Miller SyncroWave 250 - TIG Welder

  3. LaserStar BrightStar - Laser Welder

  4. (12) Miyachi Unitek - Micro Precision Spotwelders with Microscopes

  • TIG Vacuum Welding
  • Laser Welding
  • Brazing and Soldering
  • Micro Resistive Spot Welding
  • Helium Leak Detection

The SIS shops have the capability to do TIG welding, Laser Welding, soldering, brazing and small parts spot-welding.  Our shops are equipped with several TIG systems for the precision welding of stainless steel parts for vacuum systems as well as other applications.  We also have a high sensitivity Alcatel leak detector to test all welds to assure that they are vacuum tight for low pressure vacuum applications.   We also do small precision brazing of metals as well as some glass with our micro brazing equipment. 

TIG Welding

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding is the preferred welding technique for repairing and manufacturing vacuum components. The technique utilizes an electric arc in an inert Argon atmosphere to join stainless steel components. We repair transfer lines, replace bellows and feedthroughs on flanges, as well as making manifolds and other parts with this technique.

Laser Welding

The latest addition to the manufacturing facilities is the Bright Star Laser Welder.  Laser welding permits the fusion or joining together of metals that can not be joined by other techniques.  This includes the joining of metals such as Tungsten, Molybdenum, Gold and Silver.  All laser welding is done in an inert Argon environment providing excellent weld integrity of even dissimilar materials.

Brazing and Silver Soldering

S.I.S. also provides high temperature silver soldering of parts where TIG welding can not be utilized. Silver soldered joints have a maximum use temperature of 450 degrees C. All joints are helium leak tested and thoroughly cleaned.

Vacuum Testing

After TIG welding the welds are tested to assure that they are leak tight.  AT SIS we use an Alcatel ASM182T Leak detector to test all of our welds to assure that the welds will not leak even at very low vacuum levels. All vacuum fittings that are TIG welded and brazed in our shops are leak tested before they are returned to our customers. The helium leak tester can detect leaks down to 2 x 10-11 This leak detector utilizes a rugged turbo pump design for fast pump down and superior performance. If you have parts which you feel may be leaking, give us a call and we can test them for you.

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