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Laser Welding
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Welding capabilities at SIM
Equipment List - Welding & Brazing
  1. Laser Welder - Crawford BrightStar Class 4 Laser Welder, 1900 Series, 80 Joule Systems Advanced Industrial Edition with Leica Stereo Microscope

  • Laser Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • Brazing and Soldering
  • Micro Resistive Spot Welding
  • Helium Leak Detection

In addition to TIG welding, soldering, brazing and small parts spot-welding, IMI Adaptas has the capability to do small precision laser welding. 

Laser Welding

The latest addition to the manufacturing facilities is the Bright Star Laser Welder.  Laser welding permits the fusion or joining together of metals that can not be joined by other techniques.  This includes the joining of metals such as Tungsten, Molybdenum, Gold and Silver which are difficult to weld with other technologies.  All laser welding is done in an inert Argon environment providing excellent weld integrity of even dissimilar materials and eliminating oxidation of the weld joint.

LASER welding produces a sharp, focused light beam that melts a very small area of metal.  No filler metal is typically used with this technology. The intensity of the laser beam as well as its pulse width can be regulated to achieve the optimum results required for the particular job. The benefit of this technology is that very little heat is generated at the weld point, which allows users to weld .5 to 1.0mm (.020" - .040") away from the most complicated and intricate component parts without damaging heat sensitive materials. The benefit from pin-point accuracy, increases the range of assembly and repair applications, and minimizes the potential hazards of heat damage. The resulting weld is considerably stronger than a traditional solder joint.

Typically operators hold parts in their hands or in our custom jigs while viewing the application through a stereo-microscope in the welding chamber.  An internal cross-hair allows the operator to position and weld the parts at the correct location.