SIS Precision Manufacturing
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Equipment List - Assembly
  1. (2) Okamoto 6-18DX - Automatic Surface Grinders .00005” Minimum Infeed Resolution

  2. Harig 618 - Handfeed Surface Grinder

  3. AccuFinish Series II - Precision Diamond Tool Grinder w/Meji Stereo Zoom Microscope

  4. Agathon 175-A - Precision Diamond Tool Grinder

  5. Delta Milwaukee - Carbide Tool Grinder

  6. Amada HDA-250 - Automatic Precision Horizontal Bandsaw.

  7. WF Wells Model W-9 - Twin Post Horizontal Bandsaw

  8. Everitt Abrasive Cutoff Saw

  9. 2007 Doosan GC25E - 5000lb forklift

  10. Sentry - Xpress Oven

  11. Thermolyne - Type 6000 Furnace

  12. Grieve - Bake out Oven for Cleaned Parts

  13. Alcatel ASM110 Helium Leak Detector

  14. Alcatel ASM182T Helium Leak Detector

  15. (5)Delta Single Spindle Drill Press

  16. High Speed Drill Press

Scientific Instrument Manufacturing has a wide range of other equipment common to most machine shops.  This equipment includes a number of manual mills and lathes, surface grinders, cut off saws, deburing equipment and many other tools and accessories.

With a staff of dedicated manufacturing professionals, we can provide value to every relationship.