SIS Precision Manufacturing
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Finishing Operations at SIM
Equipment List - Parts Cleaning and Finishing
  1. Keyence MD-X1250 - High Speed Laser Marking System

  2. Epilog Fibermark - 30 watt Laser Marking system
  3. (3)SIS Passivation System - consisting of heated ultrasonics for Nitric & Citric Passivation

  4. Molectrics Electropolishing System

  5. Mass Finishing Inc. HZ-12 - high energy centrifugal barrel tumbler

  6. Sweco Vibro-Energy - Vibratory Finisher

  7. Giant GBB-4 - vibratory finisher

  8. Comco Pro-Center - Plus Micro abrasive blaster

  9. Trinco Sandblaster

  10. (2)Econoline - Sandbasters

  11. Schallberger Facette Star - deburring machine

Sandblasting, Tumbling, Electropolishing and High Purity Cleaning

One of the unique aspects of Scientific Instrument Manufacturing is our ability to clean and finish parts to your specifications.  Since we are a scientific instrument based company, we are keenly aware of the requirements of the scientific and medical markets for clean parts with fine finishes. 

 By performing all of our finishing processes and  services in house, we can reduce the time required to manufacture and finish your parts and maintain greater control over the finished product, providing value to our clients.  IMI Adaptas is unique in that we do our own cleaning, sandblasting, tumbling, electro-polishing, passivation and other services in house.


Sandblasting is utilized to clean small parts to remove residues or small burrs.  It can also be provide a matte surface finish.  We use a variety of abrasives and grit sizes depending upon the material being cleaned.  Glass beads are frequently used on metal parts but sometimes aluminum oxide is used for harder materials such as ceramics. Our shops contain several small sandblasters which are used with various grits of aluminum oxide or glass beads for the cleaning and polishing of finished components. 


Tumbling is used to polish small parts as well as remove small burrs.  A wide variety of tumbling media is available to provide the finish you require.

Electropolishing and Passivation

Where a more polished finish is required, we have in-house electropolishing capabilities for stainless steel components.  This system will provide for additional cleaning of metal parts and  for a smoother and brighter surface.

We can also provide passivation of your finished parts.

High Purity Ultrasonic Cleaning

The ultimate cleanliness of finished parts is of high importance to the scientific and medical markets.  Therefore we have installed the following cleaning systems in our shops:

Crest 4 station high purity, high temperature ultrasonic cleaning system in our facilities

Nobles Clean-Jet Automatic Parts Washing System with Culligan R/O high purity water system. 

Both of these systems use high purity filtered water at elevated temperatures along with ultrasonic cavitation or tumbling to clean parts to the highest quality.  High temperature heating dries the parts without spots as a final step in the operation.  Parts cleaned with the above technique are ready for installation directly into vacuum systems and analytical instruments as well as medical devices..