SIS Precision Manufacturing
CAD - CAM - Programming and Software Capabilities
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CAD and CAM Facilities at SIM

CAD/CAM List - Software Capabilities
  1. Epicor Manage 2000 - Enterprise Resource Planning software

  2. GibbsCAM - CAM programming software (2 seats)

  3. Partmaker - CAM Programming Software

  4. Mori Seiki MAPPS III - APL CAM programming software

  5. Predator - CNC Editor Software

  6. QC-Calc Enterprise - SPC collection and analysis software

  7. Inspection Xpert - Inspection report generation software

SIS CAD and CAM Capabilities

SIS has  complete capabilities for CAD and CAM for our customers and for the CNC Machines in our shops.


CAD Software

We use both Key Creator and SolidWorks CAD software in our shops for the design and engineering of parts.  Designs from our customers can be transferred into either of these software packages for modifications when it is required or printing out drawings for our shops.  We also have the capability to download CAD drawings to our CAM system.


CAM Software

For developing the tool paths for our CNC turning centers, screw machines and milling centers we utilize a variety of software packages including Virtual Gibbs, Partmaker and Predator CNC Editor.