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History of Scientific Instrument Manufacturing
IMI Adaptas Machine Shop In Pipersville, PA
Scientific Instrument Manufacturing
Pipersville, PA

Our main administrative offices and assembly shops are located in Palmer, MA and our machining and manufacturing operations are located in Pipersville, PA (Plumbsteadville).

Scientific Instrument Services began operations as a scientific instrument service company providing service and manufacturing parts for the analytical instrument market.  IMI Adaptas has a strong scientific background and we are aware of the unique requirements of this professional market; the requirement of precision machining, the need for fine finishes, and the importance of vacuum compatible cleanliness of the finished products.  As a result we have not only expanded our machine shop with the latest technology in CNC equipment, but we have installed other technologies to serve the requirements of the scientific and medical markets.  These services include secondary equipment such sandblasting equipment, tumblers, electropolishing and passivation, providing the best finishes for your machined parts.  We have a welding and brazing shop to weld parts to vacuum tightness specifications and can provide miniature assembly of components.

Scientific Instrument Services has been in business since January 1978.  We started repairing filaments and manufacturing other parts for mass spectrometers.

By 1989 various mass spectrometer instrument manufacturers had contacted us about manufacturing filaments for their instruments. This began a new direction for SIS during which time we became a major manufacturer of filaments for scientific instrument companies.

In 1991 we developed and patented the Short Path Thermal Desorption System.  This accessory for a GC and GC/MS permits the thermal extraction and analysis of volatile and semi-volatile organic chemicals in a variety of materials including food products, pharmaceuticals and industrial products.  The system is now automated and computer controlled.  At the same time SIS has designed and developed a Cryo-Trap and a number of direct probes for use with various scientific instruments.  

Machine Shop and Repair Shops Expansion (1999)

In 1999 SIS made a second expansion to our facilities. A new wing consisting of about 5,000 square feet of manufacturing space was added to the building. This included contamination controlled filament assembly areas, a welding facility, additional cleaning capacity and a much larger machining facility.  

ISO 9001 Certified.

In 2001 SIS received its ISO 9001-2001 (9000-2008) Certification. Our goal is to provide quality parts, delivered on time while providing exceptional value for our customers.

Expansion to New Facilities (2006)

In 2006, Scientific Instrument Services launched the Scientific Instrument Manufacturing facility in Plumsteadville, PA in order to expand its custom machining capabilities. The new 10,000 square foot facility is filled with a wide array of computer controlled (CNC) lathes, mills, screw machines and other machining equipment. This new facility enables SIS to expand its custom and OEM machining and manufacture of precision parts for the scientific, medical and industrial markets.

Adaptas Solutions

In 2018/2019, we merged and is now IMI Adaptas.

Future Expansion

Planning is under way to further expand our manufacturing facility with approvals in place to add additional floor space. IMI Adaptas is committed to reinvest for the future of the company to better serve the needs of our customers.